The Laboratory’s Research Strengths


L@bISEN – Yncréa Ouest focuses on three main research themes:


  • Sensor Networks
  • Data Processing
  • Smart Grids


Within each thematic area, a particular set of research strengths have been identified. These provide a pool of expertise that can be drawn upon by all members of the lab.


The key research strengths are also complemented by a number of transversal competencies and topics of interest. It is the combination of these various areas of expertise which has led to the emergence of a central and common project focusing on smart and autonomous systems within L@bISEN – Yncréa Ouest.





The five thematic multi-site teams which constitute L@bISEN – Yncréa Ouest are grouped together in a structured framework based on its three key areas of research interest (sensor networks, data processing and energy). Each of the five teams are involved in at least two of these key areas, a fact which guarantees the synergy between the various teams and sites.